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Dr. Oz. called African Mango a “breakthrough supplement” and a “miracle in your medicine cabinet” while introducing the supplement on his show

(1) bottle of Premium African Mango 1200mg Pure NO Additives 

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MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200mg

In 2010, Dr. Mehmet Oz (Oprah’s favorite doctor) did a segment on alternative health supplement and how they could help you lose 10 pounds and significantly improve your health.

Dr. Oz. called African Mango a “breakthrough supplement” and a “miracle in your medicine cabinet that can help you lose 10 pounds.” While introducing the supplement, which is also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, he said: “There are brand new studies that have come out showing that African Mango actually acts like a super-potent fiber. And because of that, it’s highly effective in sequestering cholesterol and taking it out of your body.” MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200 is one of the many African Mango diet supplements currently available on the weight loss market today, but unlike the vast majority of products, the max strength MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200 contains far more Irvingia gabonensis than it’s competitors (a whopping 1200mg). So is the MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200 a good buy, or should you try a different African Mango product?

How can MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200 help you to lose weight?

When you take Super African Mango 1200 from, you are not eating the actual fruit of the mango, which is a yellow pulp rich in sugars that would not help you reach your diet goals. You will be taking a capsule that contains an extract from the dika nut, the pit or seed of the African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) fruit. African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) stimulates the hormone leptin, which moderates your appetite so you feel hungry less often, and full longer after eating.

African Mango is an indigenous fruit from West Africa and tribesmen have traditionally eaten the fruit and its extracts for centuries, primarily to curb the appetite and increase energy levels during long hunting expeditions in the bush. But aside from the obvious benefits to busy hunters and gatherers, African Mango also has a lot of useful benefits for people living in the West. Irvingia gabonensis has been clinically proven to reduce levels of cholesterol and unwanted fat deposits, which makes it the perfect companion for anyone wishing to lose extra weight whilst following a low calorie healthy eating plan in conjunction with a sensible exercise program.

MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200 contains a massive 1200mg of Irvingia gabonensis, which makes it three times as effective as most other African Mango diet supplements available today. The product suppresses the appetite and targets problem areas of fat deposits in the body. By speeding up the metabolism, fat is burned up and the user feels wonderfully energetic.

What does a bottle of MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200 contain?

Each bottle of Super African Mango 1200 contains sixty capsules. The manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule before a meal, twice daily. Therefore one bottle of capsules will last for thirty days.

Are there any side effects associated with the MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200 capsules?

So far there have been no adverse reactions and side effects associated with regular use of Super African Mango 1200 capsules and African Mango is widely believed to be a completely natural and 100% safe dietary supplement. Many African Mango diet supplements also contain high levels of caffeine, but this product has no caffeine and is safe for anyone with sensitivity to stimulants.

Is MangoDiet Super African Mango 1200 good value?

Scientific studies have shown that if African Mango is taken for ten weeks as part of a low calorie diet, weight loss results are very impressive. On average, dieters can expect to lose around 28Ibs and at least 6” from the waist during that period, but even in the short term, weight loss results are exceptional. This makes Super African Mango 1200 an excellent product for anyone who wants to lose weight fast.


Due to the seeds being an excellent source of fiber, African mango is said to lower cholesterol. African mango extract is believed to increase adiponectin, a hormone that may improve glucouse and fat metabolism by increasing insulin levels so the body uses more fat for energy; the result is weight loss. Facts About Fitness reported its view on the results of African mango studies claiming the reduction in cholesterol, decreased body fat and pounds, changes in leptin, adiponectin, C-reactive protein and fasting glucose, as inconceivable and questions the validity of the research.



Ongoing research of the African mango has shown benefits in weight loss, cholesterol, and blood pressure. A study published in "Lipids in Health and Disease" in 2005, used 40 subjects to evaluate the effectiveness of African mango seeds to manage obesity. Findings determined that the group on the African mango treatment had lower total cholesterol, including LDL, the "bad" cholesterol, and triglycerides, and increased HDL-cholesterol levels. The placebo group had no changes in blood lipid levels. The research suggested that African mango seed might be applied for weight loss.


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 (1) bottle of Premium African Mango 1200mg Pure NO Additives

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